Flawless of Love Sparkle Necklace 10 Motifs

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18K Yellow Gold, Diamond.

ID S 10 mm  White Diamond
1.8 mm - 60 pcs
2.2 mm - 10 pcs
18 k Yellow Gold 1.35 mm ; Honeycom at back

Flawless Of Love 

A Stunning Jewelry Collection Designed by Igal Dahan, is a true embodiment of elegance and romance. Each piece in this collection features seven openings adorned with dazzling diamonds, symbolizing the seven stages of Love and adding a touch of sparkle and brilliance to every design.

The intricate honeycomb pattern on the back of each piece adds depth and texture, creating mesmerizing contrast to the radiant diamonds on the front. This attention to detail showcases the exquisite craftsmanship and artistry behind every creation in the collection.

Available in two sizes, the "Sparkle'' small size offers a delicate and refined charm perfect for everyday wear or for adding a hint of glamour to any ensemble. Meanwhile the ''Glow'' Medium size exudes a captivating allure, making it ideal for making bold statement and commanding attention.

''Flawless of Love'' is not just a collection of jewelry; it's a celebration of Love in all its form. Each piece is meticulously created to capture the essence of Love and romance, making it a timeless and cherished addition to any jewelry collection.