Day & Night Collection

The Winder Of Love Collection

Timeless Elegance With a Twist

New from acclaimed jeweler Igal Dahan, The Winder Of Love collection is a luxurious play on form and materiality, inspired by the Greek god of time. With elegant screws and gears adorned by precious metals and gems, each style of the collection is named after one of The Twelve Horai, Greek goddesses of the hours of the day, who guide the path of the sun as it journeys across the sky.

Eros Collection

Sensual & Essential

Named after the ancient Greek god of love, The Eros Collection by Igal Dahan is the newest iteration of our popular Cuffs of Love series, consisting of beautiful sets of necklaces, bracelets, and rings in white or yellow gold that sparkle with simple elegance.

Saturnalia Collection

What Dreams Are Made Of

Celebrate the light of your life by giving your loved one a timeless and elegant sapphire ring created by master jeweler Igal Dahan.  

 Considered by many cultures to inspire wisdom, serenity, and romance, the sapphire is a powerful gemstone frequently connected with Saturn, a planet named after the ancient Greek deity of growth and prosperity.

The Saturnalia collection of blue & pink sapphire rings (named after Saturn’s many moons) are a tribute to the strength of love and a toast to the beauty of ever-blossoming relationships.