Golden Iconec Necklace, 10 Motifs


Golden Iconec Necklace, 10 Motifs

18K White Gold, Diamond.

ID 10 Motif Necklace 18 K White Gold with Diamonds

The Apex Of Elegance

The natural brilliance of geometric forms and rare gemstones wondrously collide in The Iconec Collection, the newest offering from world-class jeweler Igal Dahan. With styles named after the three mathematicians most responsible for understanding the qualities of conic shapes (Euclid, Archimedes, Apollonius), these earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings—sculpted masterfully in both white and yellow gold—combine the innate power of the cone with the eternal glamour of diamonds, resulting in bold statement pieces that represent the apex of technical excellence and stylish elegance.