The Phoebe


Phoebe (fē-bē)

1. A platinum ring featuring a Blue Sapphire cushion cut adjoined by two diamonds, all beautifully housed in an eye-shaped halo of sparkling micro-diamonds.
2. Phoebe is an irregular satellite of Saturn discovered in 1899.
3. One of the original Titans in Greek mythology; the goddess of prophecy and intellect.

Center: Blue Sapphire – 3.42ct
Side: 2 Diamonds - 0.89ct
Halo: Micro-Diamonds- 0.56ct
Ring: Platinum
GIA Certified

What Dreams Are Made Of

Celebrate the light of your life by giving your loved one a timeless and elegant sapphire ring created by master jeweler Igal Dahan.  

 Considered by many cultures to inspire wisdom, serenity, and romance, the sapphire is a powerful gemstone frequently connected with Saturn, a planet named after the ancient Greek deity of growth and prosperity.


The Saturnalia collection of blue & pink sapphire rings (named after Saturn’s many moons) are a tribute to the strength of love and a toast to the beauty of ever-blossoming relationships.